The story behind MAISON BEDARD's RESCHIO combat boot

Designing a combat boot to add to my footwear collection has been on my mind for quite a while now! I was going to call it RESCHIO in honour of this beautiful Italian resort I love so much.

Considering the world situation these past two years, I knew that designing this boot was going to be challenging.

Since I’ve started as a designer in the shoe industry, I’ve always been able to work closely with @studio_arise.s, my development team based in Italy. Being able to feel the various leathers and fabrics, manipulate prototypes, etc., and just experience everything that Italy has to offer was so inspiring to me.
This time was different, challenging, overwhelming. Since travelling to Italy wasn’t permitted, I had to design this boot entirely through a screen!
RESCHIO boot by Maison Bedard
After days of searching for the perfect fabrics, countless texts, photos, virtual meetings, we finally made a decision. Not once, but twice, did we have to start our selection over because of shortages in stocks. After making the necessary adjustments, we were finally going to start production, only to find out a few days later that the perfect outsole we had chosen wasn’t available in all sizes. As strike two hit, Arise.S went back to sole searching.
RESCHIO boot by Maison Bedard
In December, I started to worry that the RESCHIO boot would not arrive to Canada on time. My instinct was right. Strike three hit us with a delayed arrival in June.
I’m sharing the story of RESCHIO because just like in our everyday life, the challenges we encounter make us appreciate the beauty even more. It’s now with so much gratitude and pride that I present to you my new combat boot - RESCHIO.
True to Maison Bēdard’s reputation, RESCHIO is handcrafted using luxurious high quality fabrics and leather. It conveys elegance and comfort as always. It is a boot created with so much love and passion that you ladies can live your real life in!
I hope you love it as much as I do.

~ Jessica x